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Do your slides seem to hide your bright ideas, rather than showing off their true impact?

Learn a proven, step-by-step process to wrangle great ideas out of your brain into a deck of smart, polished slides. 

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What makes this course unique? 


It’s not enough to think up great ideas. 

You also must convey them in a way that your audience has their own "Aha" moment.

A lot of training is designed for the keynote address... 

...delivered from stage in a large auditorium—think TED talk.

But most of us are creating something very different.

We build strategy reports, research summaries, business proposals, training documents, etc.

And these decks have unique  challenges. 

They must be engaging while covering more content AND being extra clear since you won't always be there to narrate.


Is this you? Then Ace the Deck is designed for YOU!

Why complete this course?

Ace the Deck walks you through a proven, step-by-step process for building compelling, professional presentations. At the end you will know EXACTLY what to do first, second, third and be able to start right away with ALL THREE components you need:

1. Storyboarding

Learn how to use storyboarding—the method used by the world’s largest management consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies—to structure your content so it's highly compelling.

2. Visual Design

Visual polish goes a long way in establishing the credibility of your ideas. Learn to design visually appealing, professional-looking slides—whether you consider yourself artistically inclined or not!

3. Oral Delivery

Discover the secrets to delivering your presentation in a way that fully engages your audience with your ideas so they leave energized and ready to take the next steps you want them to.

Meet Karen

I have a passion for equipping people to bring their ideas to life in presentations! I've given highly-rated presentation training to professionals around the world from executives and managers to analysts, consultants, and students.

And I've been in your shoes! In my 20 year career in strategy consulting and marketing, I've had to create a multitude of clear and compelling presentations to help senior executives make better decisions. I understand first-hand the challenges of building presentations when the stakes are high!

I hold an MBA from Yale University and a BA summa cum laude from Gordon College.

"I thought you might like to know that I gave a very similar talk to the one you helped me with at a scientific meeting this past week. I received a number of compliments from strangers and walked away with the $1k prize for best oral presentation of the meeting. Not too shabby! :) Thanks again for your help with this talk, it was really a wonderful experience!"

Jennifer M. Colby, PhD
Medical Director of Toxicology and Esoteric Chemistry at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

"I am writing to let you know my presentation went very well, I felt very comfortable during the performance, and I received fantastic feedback afterwards about the clarity. This was my 3rd international conference presentation and it was my best one so far. It is no coincidence this coincides with the course Ace the Deck. It has provided me with a framework which will bring consistency, clarity and focus to all my presentations going forward."

Alan Moran
PhD Candidate, Leiden University Medical Center

"There is no way I would give a presentation without following the method taught in Ace the Deck. Thanks to Karen’s class, when I have an important idea, I will no longer obscure it behind dull or counterproductive slides. The online format, separated into enjoyable, bite-sized gems of wisdom, is easy to follow and easy to implement. Ace the Deck is a no brainer investment of your time for the returns you will gain."

Amber Herold
Vice President, MSACL

When You Sign Up, You Receive:

Lifetime Access

Unlimited access to five modules containing 24 video lessons (about five hours of content) so you can work completely at your own pace and review material anytime you like

Essential Tools

A complete set of downloadable worksheets and checklists you can use over and over again to help structure your work while releasing your creativity

Keys to Success

A more efficient process: avoid common time-wasters and get to the best possible outcome with the best use of your time


Confidence that your presentations will be more engaging and influential

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What is it worth to your career if...


  • you can turn weary, bored stares into enthusiastic dialog... Hello, real-world impact!
  • your sharp-looking slides shape decisions and ignite  "carpe diem!" time after time after time after...
  • your boss confidently puts you in front of senior leadership or the executive board—get ready!
  • your audiences consistently pays you the ultimate compliment: a whole-hearted recommendation to their colleagues
  • your executives, colleagues, and clients always eagerly anticipate YOUR presentations, knowing they will be well worth their time

Invest in yourself. Invest in your career.

You know your ideas have the potential for greater impact. You owe it to yourself and to the world to play a bigger game. Get your great ideas out there in a way that gets noticed in a busy world.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is specifically designed for individuals who create presentation documents that must also be easily understood as standalone reference documents, whether or not the author is orally presenting to their audience.

Examples of these types of presentations include decks for business meetings, consulting reports, strategy reports, training materials, sales decks, research reports, lecture materials, and conference breakout session materials.

If you need to create slides to support delivery of a keynote address or similar style
presentation, you will likely find value in this course, but there are training materials available from other sources that are more directly suited to your context.

This course is software agnostic. Because Ace the Deck teaches you a process for creating and delivering compelling presentations, the principles and steps are applicable regardless of the software you use.

This also means that Ace the Deck is NOT a tutorial in how to use the features and functions of a particular software program. If you would like to build proficiency in a specific presentation software, there are many other online resources available.

When you sign up for Ace the Deck you receive lifetime access to the full program, including all 24 video lessons covering how to storyboard your content, how to design professional looking slides, and how to engage your audience with your delivery.

Your lifetime access also includes the full set of downloadable worksheets and checklists that help you structure your work and release your creativity, as well as access to any future updates and enhancements to the program.

100% of course content is accessible as soon as you register for the program—that means you don’t have to wait to dive in at your own pace!

Ace the Deck includes about five hours of recorded lesson content, in addition to the accompanying worksheets and checklists. Since you have immediate and lifetime access to all content as soon as you register, you can choose to work through the material over several weeks or to immerse yourself in a shorter time. Your choice!

To make your investment as affordable and easy as possible, I have set up an option to pay in a payment plan. Or you can elect to pay in full and save some $$.

If you are on a payment plan, you agree to make all payments in full. If investing in this program will create hardship, please don’t do it.

Keep in mind that this program truly is an investment, which means if you do the work, you’ll get a return. What you’ll learn shows you exactly how to get a better return on the time you spend creating presentations, so you can expand your influence and positively impact your career.

I am 100% committed to giving you tools and strategies that set you up for success, and I’m not happy if you’re not happy. If you’re on the fence about purchasing Ace the Deck, then I want to give you every chance to move forward with absolute confidence. That’s why I’m giving you a full 30 days to go through the program, follow the simple step-by-step presentation building process, and see for yourself how amazing it feels to create a presentation that powerfully communicates your ideas.

I want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but I also want you to give your best effort to apply all the strategies in the course. If you do the work and implement the process, and you still don’t feel I delivered on my promise, please let me know. In order to qualify for a refund you must fill out a refund questionnaire and submit proof you did the work and it did not work for you.

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

A portion of every Ace the Deck sale is used to support families in crisis in Thailand through The Charis Project.


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